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Operating towards two decades since its inception in Miri, Sarawak in 1996, HOTRADE SDN. BHD. has been synonymous with excellence, offering a comprehensive range of logistics solutions inclusive of packaging, warehousing, shipping, transportation and forwarding services.

HOTRADE SDN. BHD. has grown from a small company with a few lorries to become one of the largest forwarding companies in the region. While operating from its main office in Miri, which is located at the Northern region of Sarawak, HOTRADE SDN. BHD. has expanded to include a branch office in Kuching in the Southern region of Sarawak and is supported by its subsidiary company and other associated companies.

By having offices in two of the largest cities in Sarawak, the company has managed to secure a firm spot in the industry. It currently owns a strong fleet of transportation system with more than 100 vehicles of all types, operated by a team of well-trained and dedicated staffs that play crucial roles in the company’s logistic support system. The routes of transportation services cover the whole of Sarawak, Brunei, Labuan and Sabah while the services rendered in West Malaysia are supported by its associated companies.

Throughout its virtual 20 years of operation,HOTRADE SDN. BHD. has had a long and distinguished history of constantly delivering reliable services to meet the satisfaction and to earn the trust of the customers. With its strong commitment towards all the company stakeholders, the company has proven its credibility in providing transportation, forwarding and cargo delivery services in the country. Today, HOTRADE SDN. BHD. is capable of putting its name to be among the top and well established forwarding and transportation companies in Malaysia.


Our company owns more than 100 lorries to support our forwarding and logistic services to ensure that we fulfill our clients’ requirement.

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